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    For Older Readers: 

    10 book set

    Product Code: TL3 

    The Talisman Series 2 is designed for older readers and further develops alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes. This series follows on from the Titan's Gauntlets Series and offers increasingly challenging text. Sixteen full-colour pages in each book will stimulate and engage the older reader.

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    Associated workbook

    Workbook For-Code: TL3  
    Product Code: TL4

    One spiral bound photocopiable workbook containing reading, spelling and comprehension activities for each of the books. (167 pages).

    8. Talisman Series 2 Reading Books

    Talisman Series 2 Book 1 - Reunited
    'ue' - u-e, ue, ew, u
    Talisman Series 2 Book 2 - Trouble in the Woods
    'u' 'o' - ou, o, u, & a, o, ou
    Talisman Series 2 Book 3 - Certain Death
    's' - s, ss, c, ce, se, sc, st
    Talisman Series 2 Book 4 - The Fossil
    'l' - l, ll, il, al, ol, el
    Talisman Series 2 Book 5 - Legends of the Gorge
    'j' - j, g, ge, dge
    Talisman Series 2 Book 6 - The Sphinx
    'f' - f, ff, gh, ph
    Talisman Series 2 Book 7 - Sticky Adventure
    'cher' - ture
    Talisman Series 2 Book 8 - Dangerous Direction
    'shun' - tion, ssion, tian, sion, cian
    Talisman Series 2 Book 9 - Zak Tries Martial Arts
    'shul' 'shus' - cial, tial, & tious, cious, ious
    Talisman Series 2 Book 10 - The Dark Master's Vision
    'zhun' - sion


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