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  •  $49.50

    Grammar & Sentences

    6 Grammar & Sentence Board Games

    Product Code: L83

    Following on from our 6 Language Development Board Games, these new games focus on non-threatening practice of essential grammar application within sentences. Add information to a simple sentence through a subordinate clause; connect clauses using interesting connectives; identify concrete, collective, proper & abstract nouns and substitute them to understand how information can easily change; spot verbs, adjectives and adverbs and substitute them for ones that add more interest or change sentence meaning. Identifying and changing questions, commands, statements and exclamations, plus seeing how words/sentences can be misinterpreted when apostrophes are omitted, are covered in the last two of these 6 exciting games. Set includes answer cards and all game instructions are printed on the A3 boards. Perfect for ages 7+

  •  $49.90

    Reading Language & Comprehension

    6 Language Development Board Games

    Product Code: L67

    These 6 board games will help children expand their vocabulary and become confident with different parts of speech. Each board game covers a different area: nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, verbs, tenses and sentence building. The bright illustrations will keep pupils interested and engaged. Each game has playing instructions printed on the board for ease of use. Suitable for pupils aged 7-11 and older children with special needs. They can also be helpful for use with children learning English as a second language. Each boxed game contains 6 playing boards made from durable cardboard, counters, a die and spinners.  Ages 7 +

  •  $19.50

    Grammar & Sentences

    Grammar & Sentence Directory

    Product Code: W09

    Available from October 2013, when broken down into simple structures and functions, grammar is so much easier to understand! This newest addition to our much-loved directory range provides explanation and examples of: parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentences, sentence features and structures. Each of the 18 x A5 tabbed pages can be accessed quickly during teaching and writing practice.  Ages 7+

  •  $24.90

    Grammar & Sentences

    Sentence Flipbook

    Product Code: G13

    This unique flip-stand provides the ideal way to teach children about the structure of sentences. The book is double-sided with different themes and sentence structure on each side. To aid learning, parts of speech are colour-coded into pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and articles. The nouns are illustrated and some silly sentences can be made, making this a fun way to learn! Measures 420 x 100mm.  Ages 6-7, 7+

  •  $39.90

    Sentence Scramblers Game

    Product Code: G10

    Mastermind longer sentences using adverbs, adjectives and connectives to collect the most pieces and win the game.  Colour-coded word tiles make sentences structuring visual and easier to understand.  Promotes writing fluency, social skills and the sue of more interesting and adventurous vocabulary.  Ideal for developing basic sentence skills or the the pupils learning English as a second language.  Contains 125 Foam word tiles and sentence spinner.  Ages 7 +

  •  $29.90
    Product Code: SP26

    This complete set of 19 poetry booklets provides 19 different poems, each sharing a vowel sound whilst covering different spelling patterns. For example, the long 'a' sound can be spelt ai as in rain, ay as in day, ey as in they, ea as in break, and a as in table. Within the text, the letter pattern corresponding to the common vowel sound is highlighted so that the reader can learn these different spelling patterns. The back page has a list of all the words in the poem that contain the focus sound divided into spelling-pattern groups. Poems are set at a high-interest level and are ideal for older children who require further phonics instruction.

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