The Phonics Australia website is a full E-Commerce website which means that anyone can purchase products on this website.  If you are buying for a school and wishing to place an order but don’t wish to pay by credit card, you can do this by downloading our PDF order form, complete the details and list the products you wish to purchase then either scan or fax to us.

Alternatively if you are a school wishing to purchase through this website, you can select your items by adding them to the shopping cart and then during the checkout process, you can choose to be invoiced.  We will then invoice your school with your order and provide a temorary credit facility to enable paymant.  If you have any questions regarding this facility or process, please feel free to contact our support team to discuss further.

Yes, Phonics Australia provides free advice and technical support to parents, teachers, Speech Pathologists, Tutoring Centres and schools.  Please feel free to contact us and speak with one of one of our friendly support team or our Literacy Specialist Advisor.

All the phonics resources that are sold by Phonics Australia have been fully and thoroughly tested by us and our supplier.  They have all been testing in actual classroom settings to ensure they are of the highest quality, standard and suitability. 

The reading texts have been extensively researched and are evidence based to assist your child or student to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. This systematic approach to teaching reading through the utilisation of decodable phonic based text is accepted as one of the most effective methods to teaching reading.

Unfortunately, Phonics Australia is only able to support Australian customers. 


The good news is yes, we can.  If you have purchaed your original books from Phonics Australia we may be able to replace individual damaged or lost books.  These would only be provided from exisiting excess stock. Please contact one of our sales team to discuss the options and cost of this support service. 

Yes, the phonic books are geared to support the introduction of the early sounds and letters from beginner readings in Prep/Kindergarten through to high school and supporting struggling/catch-up older readers.  These books are developed to support a whole of school approach with sequential decodable text that is suitable for the classroom, small groups and take-home readers.

Yes, if you are a school or organisation wishing to place a large quantity of books for a classroom or whole of school, please contact our sales team to discuss your order requirments and any discount optioons that may be applied to your order.

Please contact our slaes team to discuss your payment options. Phone: (07) 41511249

The level of your child’s reading and their age will help to determine which books are best suited for your child or student.  Generally speaking, our suggested guidelines are the Dandelion Launchers are for beginner readers aged 3-4 yrs.

For example - The Dandelion Readers are for beginner readers aged 5-8 yrs. and the older catch-up readers are best suited for ages 8-14 yrs.  Other factors such as the child’s or students current reading ability should be considered.  If the reader is struggling at their current age level, they may need to go back to the basic foundation phonic sounds.

We offer free pre/post sales technical support to assist you in choosing the right resources for your child or student.  Please feel free to contcat our freindly support team to disucss your options. 

Phonics Australia provide a range freight options designed to provide the quickest and sfae delivery of your order.  We offer flat rate and custom freight and handling options.  Freight and handling charges within Australia are based on actual cost for postage and material costs for packaging to ensure safe arrival of your items.  The cost for freight/postage is calculated on the total weight of your order and your delivery location.   

Depending on your location and the size of your order, we may choose to send your order through Australia Post or with one of our contrated courier services.  All orders are delivered to either your post office box or delivered to your door.  We have a minimum postage and handling charge of $20.

For all orders delivered within Australian State and Territories, we use the most cost effective methods of transport to get youe item to you as quickly as possible.  We have a variety of options available which includes, regular and express Australia Post, TOLL and Star Tarck.  Please note that sometime there are delays with transport which are out of our control.

If you require your order to be delivered urgently, we can also arrange that.  In the checkout process, you can choose the express option in the drop down menu.  This will ensure that your order will be fast tracked through our warehouse and sent via the fastest method of delivery. 

This is usually through Australia Post.  There is a minimum charge for express post of $30.  The cost may be higher based on the size and weight of your order.  You will only be charged express post, if you have specifically chosen that option in the checkout.

We also offer some international express freight options.  Please contact our support team to request a freight and handling quote.


Ordering within Australia will normally take 4-7 business/working days to arrive by regular post.  If you have requested and paid for the express option, then this could be as little as 2-3 working days dependent on your state.  Large order may take 7-10 working days as these orders are usually sent through a freight courier service.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss the estimated freight and handling options/costs or to provide a quote.  Please be aware that some times delivery is delayed by circumstances out of our control, but we will always attempt to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 

Phonics Australia is a solely owned and operated Australian family company.  As Australians, we value your trust and guarantee to only provide high quality and professional services dedicated to providing the best learning outcome of children and students across Australia.

Synthetic Phonics teaches the reader to identify each individual sound in the word separately.  Readers are then taught to blend and segment sounds in words.  Then they learn to blend sounds together, the reader synthesises each sound into a word.

Decodable reading books are simply a book that a child can independently sound out the word once they have been taught the phonic sounds for that level of book.

Please notify us if you are expecting to have your order delivered during a school/term break, as some schools may not be able to take delivery during these periods.  We can easily make arrangements to have your order delivered at a more suitable date e.g. at the commencement of the new term.

Written languages are codes of symbols which represent spoken language.  In some scripts, the symbols may represent parts of a word.  In the English Phonics Code, symbols or letters represent units of single sounds.  Therefore, teaching reading with phonics helps to unlock the code for beginner readers.

The workbooks complement the reading books and align with each set with sections that also match the chapters in the older series.  They offer a wide range of activities which help to develop reading, spelling, writing and comprehension.  The workbooks are used mostly by schools in a classroom setting but just as suitable to reinforce the learnings in the reading books by parents at home.