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    Speaking & Listening

    Same/Different Flipbook

    Product Code: L47

    Encourage speaking, listening and thinking skills! Students are invited to analyse and discuss two objects that share similarities as well as differences. By turning the flipbook around they can then see with the help of a Venn diagram those items that are similar (within the intersection) and those items that are different (outside the intersection). The book itself can work both ways – either from objects to Venn diagrams or from Venn diagrams to objects depending on ability level. Here, a facilitator can be used to guide children to the correct answer. Alternatively, the activities can be played in pairs or as an independent activity where students check the answers themselves. Contains 16 double sided pages in a hardback, spiral-bound flipbook (160 x 220mm  Ages 3-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7+



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    Smart Kids - Same/Different Flipbook


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