How do I choose which books are right for my child?

The level of your child’s reading and their age will help to determine which books are best suited for your child or student.  Generally speaking, our suggested guidelines are the Dandelion Launchers are for beginner readers aged 3-4 yrs.

For example - The Dandelion Readers are for beginner readers aged 5-8 yrs. and the older catch-up readers are best suited for ages 8-14 yrs.  Other factors such as the child’s or students current reading ability should be considered.  If the reader is struggling at their current age level, they may need to go back to the basic foundation phonic sounds.

We offer free pre/post sales technical support to assist you in choosing the right resources for your child or student.  Please feel free to contcat our freindly support team to disucss your options.