Robina State School is committed to delivering explicit teaching of language and literacy using evidence based methods only and removing whole language or balanced literacy approaches that are not supported by research, including the use of the levelled reader.

Robina State School’s approach to the teaching of reading is explicit and structured and includes instruction in phonology (phonological and phonemic awareness), sound-symbol associations (letter-sound correspondences), as well as syllable structures, morphology, syntax and semantics.

Teachers at Robina State School deliver systematic, direct and explicit phonics instruction so that their children can master the essential alphabetic code-breaking skills required for the beginning reader and essential for

Alignment of our explicit teaching of word knowledge and how we teach reading for the beginning reader is enabled by the use of the decodable reader.  The decodable reader provides repeated opportunities for students to apply their word knowledge and the skills of blending and segmenting that they have acquired.

Robina State School has purchased Dandelion Launchers, Dandelion Readers and Catchup Readers for explicit small group instruction, repeated reading and independent practice to consolidate and automatise their knowledge and skills.

Robina State School teachers also use read aloud to develop oral language comprehension, syntas and vocabulary, also necessary for reading comprehension.

Products available from Phonics Australia are of a high quality, supporting research-based  methods of teaching explicit, systematic phonics and is match by excellent service that is both personable and reliable.

Robina State School’s testimony wishes to intentional promote scientific research-based methods of teaching reading as well as Phonics Australia. 

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