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    For Early Readers:
    Initial Phonic Code
    10 book set

    Product Code: DR2

    Dandelion Readers follow the same phonic progression as the Dandelion Launchers. Units 1-7 introduce the initial sounds of the alphabet and adjacent consonants, with more text than the Launcher series. Units 8-10 introduce consonant blends. There are 3 parallel sets, each with 10 books including a reading game in each book. 

    Supported by Workbooks: Code WR2 

    Introduces the sounds of the alphabet and adjacent consonants.

    Unit 1: s, a, t, i, m,
    Unit 2: n, o, p,
    Unit 3: b, c, g, h,
    Unit 4: d, e, f, v,
    Unit 5: k, l, r, u,
    Unit 6: j, w, z,
    Unit 7: x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz
    Unit 8: VCC, CVCC
    Unit 9: CCVC
    Unit 10: CCVCC

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    Associated workbook

    1. Dandelion Readers Units 1-10 Set 2


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