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    4 Spelling Board Games Level 4

    Product Code: L84

    Play your way around 6 exciting higher-level spelling board games to further your knowledge of: prefix and suffix meaning and usage; hard-to-spell homophones; irregular past tense verbs; and spelling syllables that are to hear. Finally, practise a range of different spelling strategies to help remember longer trickier words. The simple game instructions are printed on the A3 boards, so that they are never lost.  

    Contents: 6 Board Games, Dice and Spinners. 1. Stressed syllables 2. Homophones island 3. Transform words - prefixes 4. Transform words - suffixes 5. Irregular verb search 6. Spelling strategies.  Ages 6 + yrs



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    Smart Kids - 6 Spelling Boards Games Level 4


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