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    For Older Readers: 

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    12 book set

    Product Code: TD1

    Includes 12 decodable books for ‘catch-up’ pupils who are reading at CVC level. Ben has always wanted a dog. One day a scruffy stray follows him home. Will he get to keep him?

    These exciting, age appropriate tales take the pupils from CVC and CVCC word level text through to adjacent consonants, consonant digraphs and suffixes.  This series shares the same phonic progression as the Magic Belt Series and can be used in parallel.  

    These modern-day stories with contemporary illustrations are designed to engage older readers and follow the same phonic progression as our Magic Belt Series. The decodable text with a gradual increase in reading difficulty builds confidence whilst improving reading fluency as children begin to master the foundations of reading.



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    Associated workbook

    For Older Readers
    Workbook For Code: TD1

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    Product Code: TD2

    One comprehensive spiral bound photocopiable workbook that offers segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension activities linked to the stories in the books. (224 pages). 

    An extensive workbook full of activities including a mixture of blending, segmenting, reading, spelling and comprehension tasks. It is ideal for use with children who require practice and extra support.

    That Dog Series Reading Books


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