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    For Beginner Readers:

    6 wordless illustrated books

    Product Code: TE1   

    A newly released set of six of delightful wordless books for kindergarten and preparatory children to have the opportunity to discuss each page, while securing the vocabulary and expressive language needed to tell the story in their own words.  Designed to help young children become confident communicators, develop language, comprehension and vocabulary - ideal for children who need support in their oral pre-reading skills. Questions are included in each book to help the child explore familiar settings, emotions and situations, stories, predictions and the ability to sequence a story.

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    Associated workbook

    Tell a Story Wordless Stories

    Tell A Story Book 1. The Balloon
    Tell A Story Book 2. Getting Dressed
    Tell A Story Book 3. The Picnic
    Tell A Story Book 4. Ice Cream
    Tell A Story Book 5. The Bicycle
    Tell A Story Book 6. The Present


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