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  •  $110.00

    Bingo Games Bundle Set

    Product Code: BGP

    This 3 Bingo Game pack includes:

    Bingo Games for Stages 1- 2: There are 12 Bingo boards and 72 word cards to practice the CVC and Heart words for both Stage 1 and 2. Two separate games.

    Bingo Games for Stages 3 - 4: Another two games to practice one syllable words using words from Stage 3 & 4. All words are linked to the Pip and Tim decodable books.

    Bingo Games for Stage Plus 4: Moving on to two letters, one sound - ll, ss, ff.  Also, introducing the concept of morphology by adding 's' to CVC words - dogs, runs. 12 boards and 108 word cards. 

    These games are all linked to the Tim and Pip decodable books. They give 'fit for purpose' practice in reading decodable and Heart words for each Little Learners Love Literacy stage. 

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stage Plus 4

    Product Code: BGP4

    Stage Plus 4 consolidates the phonemes and graphemes taught in Stages 1 - 4. 

    It explicitly teaches two letters, one sound - ll, ss, ff.  Simple one syllable words with a short vowel phonemes. 

    Adding 's' to CVC words introduces morphology, for example, dog + s (dogs), run + s (runs). 

     Another great Bingo game to practise single word reading.  

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stages 1-2

    Product Code: BGP12

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stages 3-4

    Product Code: BGP34

    There are 12 Bingo boards and 72 words for Stages 3 - 4 to practice CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words using the phonemes/graphemes introduced and six Heart words - high frequency words children need to learn 'by heart'.  As children learn the 'alphabetic code' these words will become decodable. 

    All words are linked to the reading of Stages 3 - 4 of the Pip and Tim decodable books.

    Heart words are indicated with a heart symbol.  Other words need to be 'sounded out' if unknown.  Encourage children to increase their automatic recognition of words; give them permission to read the word without 'sounding out'. 

  •  $1,796.00

    Little Learners Classroom Book Pack

    Product Code: LLCP5

    This discounted school pack of 5 copies of each book in stages 1, 2, 3, 4, Plus 4, 5, 6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 & 7.4 (a total of 275 books or five copies of each individual title) is a must for every classroom. Children will be delighted to have books that they love to read with word that they can read.  We call these books the 'no tricks' books as they are sequential building on the phonic skills children have learnt. The Little Learner books are ideal for 'guided reading' groups or take-home books. Teach all children to read with these great books.

  •  $75.00

    SoundCheck Book 1

    Product Code: SC1

    This resource offers a framework for explicit teaching to optimise children's literacy learning.  This book is easy to sue with step-by-step instructions for each lesson and lists of words for each 26 units.  Soundcheck is designed to let children experience success in spelling by teaching the skills of segmenting words, or breaking words into sounds.  Each of the 26 units provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children hear and identify each sound and letter.  Vowels are gradually introduced and initial and contrasted as they are the more difficult sounds in literacy learning. An assessment page for pre and post teaching provides a diagnostics assessment tool. Easy to use in both the classroom and at home.

  •  $75.00

    SoundCheck Book 2

    Product Code: SC2

    Using the same strategy as the original SoundCheck framework, SoundCheck 2 extends the children's knowledge of phonics by teaching 'magic or bossy e', digraphs - ar, or, ea, oa, ee, doubling consonants, identifying syllables in words with 'tion' and much more. Each unit has a Phonological Fun activity to enhance learning. SoundCheck offers a framework of explicit teaching of spelling to optimise children's literacy learning.  The book is easy to use with step-by-step instructions for each lesson and lists of words for each unit of the 26 units. An assessment package for pre and post teaching provides a diagnostic tool.  Easy to use in both the classroom or at home.

  •  $210.00

    Spelling Pack & SoundCheck Bundle

    Product Code: SP3

    These three resources assist in teaching spelling explicitly using both the Soundcheck strategy and Sound Swap activities to easily teach children starting with simple consonant, vowel, consonant words and progressing to why you need to double a consonant in word such as happy, to words with 'tion'.  Soundcheck is the number one resources for teaching spelling.  It keeps children engaged as they experience success from the beginning.  Simple and effective to use both at home and in the classroom.

  •  $3,000.00

    Little Learners Super Classroom Pack

    Product Code: SCP

    Every teacher needs resources that teach all children to read, write and spell with confidence.  Teaching children literacy skills to too important to leave to chance.  Little Learners Love Literacy is an evidence-based program which has the SEEE principle - sequential, explicit, effective, efficient. The Little Learner Love Literacy Program is 'speech to print' and teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This Super Classroom pack includes: 1 x Teacher Starter pack, 1 x Sound Swap word game and chant book, 1 x Classroom Pack of Little Learner reading books Stages 1-7.3 and 2 x Speed Sounds and Chants card packs.  


  •  $85.00

    Teacher Activity Resource Book for Stage 7 - Unit 1

    Product Code: TAR701

    Vowels are the complex part of the English alphabetic code. This resource book will give teachers the tools and strategies for teaching spelling and writing with success. This resource book is to be used in conjunction with the Tim and Pip Little Learner books. This Activity Resource book provides explicit teaching, application and practise activities for Stage 7 Unit 1 graphemes.

    Stage 7 Unit 1ai ay ee ea igh ie oa vowels. 

  •  $85.00

    Teacher Activity Resource Book for Stage 7 - Unit 2

    Product Code: TAR702BD

    The Teach Activity Resources Stage 7 Unit 2 continues with the same format as Unit 1.  It covers the phonemes /ar/, /er/, /or/, /air/ focusing on the most common graphemes.  The alternative graphemes are also taught and can be used for extension activities.  The focus is on reading and spelling – reversible skills which need to be linked for the most effective teaching.

  •  $1,205.00

    Teachers Starter Pack 1

    Product Code: MTSP

    This is the ultimate teaching pack filled with resources to ensure that all students learn to read, spell and write with confidence. It gives you the tools to teach explicitly and sequentially in a multi-sensory approach that engages children as feel success from the start. Once children know stage 1 sounds and letters they can begin real reading using the Little Learner book.  Milo's Teacher Resource book has 26 lesson plans that are easy to follow and include phonemic awareness, multi-sensory phonic activities, blending and segmenting of words, Super Spelling and more.

    This teaching pack includes:

    • Milo's Teacher Resource Book plus 2 x Milo's Music CDs
    • Little Learner reading books stages 1-7.4 (55 books in total)
    • Teacher Activity Resource Book
    • Milo's Birthday Surprise Storybook
    • Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book
    • Milo's Alphabet Frieze
    • Read and Match Game
    • Milo's Alphabet Game
    • Milo's Read and Grab Games Yellow, Green & Pink
    • Milo's Flipbook
    • Milo's Birthday Surprise Placemat
    • Milo's Making Words Placemat
    • Sound Swap Word Game + Book
    • 3 x Bingo Games for Stages 1-2, 3-4 &Plus (New)                                                                                                                                                                      

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