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  •  $75.00

    Milo's Sound Swap Word Game Plus Word Chain Book

    Product Code: MSS-2 Sound Swap has a box of 49 letter cards representing the 44 sounds of the English Alphabetic code plus a Word Chain book setting out lists of words to use.  This makes it so simple for teachers and parents. Sound Swap focuses on manipulating sounds and letters in words and involves both spelling and reading. Sound Swap focuses on phonemic awareness and phonics teaching the 44 sounds of the English alphabetic code using 49 cards. Three word cards are included.  (Version 2)

  •  $220.00

    Parent Starter Pack

     Product Code: PSP

    These resources provide engaging and focused activities to teach your child to read, write and spell with confidence.  Little Learners Love Literacy introduce sounds and letters in the engaging story called Milo's Birthday Surprise.  Use the Milo's Alphabet Game cards to practice Chitter Chatter Chant and speed Sounds.  As soon as children know 6 sounds including a vowel, they start making words. This pack includes: 

    • Milo's Birthday Surprise Storybook
    • Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book
    • Milo's Alphabet Games
    • Stage 1 Little Learner reading books
    • Stage 2 Little Learner reading books
    • Stage 3 Little Learner reading books
    • Stage 4 Little Learner reading books                                                                      
  •  $75.00

    Little Learners

    Tim's Quiz: Stages Plus 4, 5 & 6

    Product Code: TQ456

    A brand new addition to the Little Learners Love Literacy range, derived from the Stage Plus 4 book 'The Big Wind Day!' where Tim creates a quiz for the kids to play at the Fun Day on the big hill. This unique and simple quiz gives children practice reading short questions with decodable words from Stages Plus 4, 5 and 6 and can be played by all ages.

    The questions are quirky and fun and provide an opportunity for real discussion, oral language development and repeated reading to improve fluency.

    Example questions;

    Did Goldilocks run from three possums?

    Do all kids like froth?

    Can a rock think?

    Is it good to come tenth?

    Contents include;

    Plus 4 has 24 question cards focusing on the phonemes and graphemes introduced in Stages 1-4, plus words with ss, ff, ll.

    Stage 5 has 24 question cards focusing on the consonant digraph ck and adjacent consonants, for example swim, clock.

    Stage 6 has 120 question cards in five boxes focusing on the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng.

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