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  •  $110.00

    Bingo Games Bundle Set

    Product Code: BGP

    This 3 Bingo Game pack includes:

    Bingo Games for Stages 1- 2: There are 12 Bingo boards and 72 word cards to practice the CVC and Heart words for both Stage 1 and 2. Two separate games.

    Bingo Games for Stages 3 - 4: Another two games to practice one syllable words using words from Stage 3 & 4. All words are linked to the Pip and Tim decodable books.

    Bingo Games for Stage Plus 4: Moving on to two letters, one sound - ll, ss, ff.  Also, introducing the concept of morphology by adding 's' to CVC words - dogs, runs. 12 boards and 108 word cards. 

    These games are all linked to the Tim and Pip decodable books. They give 'fit for purpose' practice in reading decodable and Heart words for each Little Learners Love Literacy stage. 

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stage Plus 4

    Product Code: BGP4

    Stage Plus 4 consolidates the phonemes and graphemes taught in Stages 1 - 4. 

    It explicitly teaches two letters, one sound - ll, ss, ff.  Simple one syllable words with a short vowel phonemes. 

    Adding 's' to CVC words introduces morphology, for example, dog + s (dogs), run + s (runs). 

     Another great Bingo game to practise single word reading.  

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stages 1-2

    Product Code: BGP12

  •  $39.95

    Bingo Games Stages 3-4

    Product Code: BGP34

    There are 12 Bingo boards and 72 words for Stages 3 - 4 to practice CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words using the phonemes/graphemes introduced and six Heart words - high frequency words children need to learn 'by heart'.  As children learn the 'alphabetic code' these words will become decodable. 

    All words are linked to the reading of Stages 3 - 4 of the Pip and Tim decodable books.

    Heart words are indicated with a heart symbol.  Other words need to be 'sounded out' if unknown.  Encourage children to increase their automatic recognition of words; give them permission to read the word without 'sounding out'. 

  •  $480.00

    Home Pack for Little Learners - Stages 1 - 7.5

    Product Code: LLHP 

    This special pack of 61 Little Learner books covers Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, Plus 4, 5, 6, and 7 Units 1-5. Be involved as your child goes from reading simple words to decoding more challenging words and stories as the stages progress. The Little Learners books start children on the journey of real reading.  The books are described as "no tricks" books as they teach children to read using their developing phonic knowledge.  

    Understanding the sounds of English are written in black squiggly marks is vital for success for reading and spelling. Our philosophy to teach reading is simple - if children don't know a word, then decode it or in other words, sound it out. The only exceptions are the few Heart words. These are words children learn by heart as they cannot decode them at this stage. Revise sounds/letters and frequently used words at the back of each book before starting the story. Questions are provided for discussion about the story.  

  •  $310.00

    Milo's Read and Grab Games - Bundle

    Product Code: MRG10Pack 

    The complete set of 10 Milo Read and Grab Word Games.  Great for the classroom or home schooling parents.

  •  $32.95

    Milo's Alphabet Games

    Product Code: MAG

    This card game introduces the 26 a-z letter cards Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds.  These alphabet flashcards link with the storybook, Milo's Birthday Surprise as well as the Alphabet Frieze and Milo's Birthday Surprise placemat. What is Chitter Chatter Chant? Chitter Chatter Chant provides a mnemonic support for learning the most common sounds of the a-z letters.

  •  $22.95

    Milo's Birthday Surprise Alphabet Frieze

    Product Code: MAF

    What is Daisy the dog taking to Milo's surprise party? This beautifully illustrated a - z frieze takes children on a journey through the alphabet while meeting Milo's alphabet friends.  It provides a wonderful opportunity to talk about sounds and letters while having fun. A must for every child's bedroom or the classroom.

  •  $29.95

    Milo's Birthday Surprise Book

    Product Code: MBS

    This delightful book takes children on a journey through the letters of the alphabet, highlighting the sound of each letter. Becoming aware of the link between sounds and letters is the first step in learning to read. Milo the monkey introduces his friends as he invites them to his birthday party. Entertaining illustrations allow children to search for clues about what birthday surprises are in store for Milo.

    Milo's Birthday Surprise is not in alphabetical order.  Every page is full of alliteration - Felix the frog flips and flops with four fat fish, Kylie the koala practises karate kicks and Cooper the caterpillar crawls on a cactus. 


  •  $15.95

    Milo's Birthday Surprise Placemat

    Product Code: MBSP

    This sturdy laminated placemat based on the storybook Milo's Birthday Surprise provides fun opportunities to talk about letters and sounds.

    The placemat has Milo's friends on one side and the plain letter shapes on the other.

  •  $22.95

    Milo's Making Words Placemats

    Product Code: MMWP

    Two laminated placemats that enable children to identify and circle letters and sounds in a sequence to make words. One placemat has the Milo character for the vowels and the other is plain. Milo's Making Words Placemats provide the first steps in learning to spell. Instructions and list of consonant, vowel, consonant words are on the back of each placemat.  As it is an erasable board it is simple for children to use. A super resource that can be used over and over again in the first steps of writing.

  •  $75.00

    Milo's Sound Swap Word Game Plus Word Chain Book

    Product Code: MSS Sound Swap has a box of 49 letter cards representing the 44 sounds of the English Alphabetic code plus a Word Chain book setting out lists of words to use.  This makes it so simple for teachers and parents. Sound Swap focuses on manipulating sounds and letters in words and involves both spelling and reading. Sound Swap focuses on phonemic awareness and phonics teaching the 44 sounds of the English alphabetic code using 49 cards. Three word cards are included.  (Version 2)

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