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    Bingo Games Bundle Set

    Product Code: BGP

    This 3 Bingo Game pack includes:

    Bingo Games for Stages 1- 2: There are 12 Bingo boards and 72 word cards to practice the CVC and Heart words for both Stage 1 and 2. Two separate games.

    Bingo Games for Stages 3 - 4: Another two games to practice one syllable words using words from Stage 3 & 4. All words are linked to the Pip and Tim decodable books.

    Bingo Games for Stage Plus 4: Moving on to two letters, one sound - ll, ss, ff.  Also, introducing the concept of morphology by adding 's' to CVC words - dogs, runs. 12 boards and 108 word cards. 

    These games are all linked to the Tim and Pip decodable books. They give 'fit for purpose' practice in reading decodable and Heart words for each Little Learners Love Literacy stage. 



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    Bingo Games Bundle Set


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