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    Milo's Read and Grab Word Game

    Product Code: MRG9C

    Milo's Read and Grab games are sometimes called the 'thief game'.  Children can grab cards from another player if they have a matching character and colour.  However, they need to read the words as well but we always make sure they can do this.  The aim is to collect sets of cards.  There are five cards in each set. 

    Milo's Read and Grab 9 game focuses on teaching words with alternative graphemes for /ai/ as in rain, /ee/ as in see and /igh/ as in night.

    When playing select a few more sets than the number of children playing. Each Read and Grab game has 75 cards so there are lots of different sets to choose each time you play. 



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    I. Milo's Read and Grab Word Game - Coral


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