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    Little Learner Readers 

    Stage 7.4

    Product Code: LLRS7.4

    These beautifully illustrated set of five decodable books are the next step up - little chapter books to engage children with the antics of the Smith twins and more friends of Pip and Tim. 

    They focus on split digraphs - a-e as in tale i-e as in shine, o-e as in hope and u-e as in tube. The alternative phonemes for c and g are taught - /c/ changes to /s/ when followed by an e, i or y as in nice, space and /g/ changes to /j/ as in huge.  

    There is a game in A Strange Tale to practise the spelling and talk about the meaning of the homophone pairs. 



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    Associated workbook

    Little Learner Readers Stage 7.4

    Rise and Shine
    A Strange Tale
    High Hopes
    A Huge Day
    Things To Amaze You


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