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Message Received: 3rd February 2017
I Thank you so much!  I will be delighted to get these materials.  I used them a few years ago with my special ED students, but wore them out!  I couldn't find them anywhere else, so will be waiting  for them with great anticipation.  Thanks for all your help.

Best wishes

Anne M

Message Received: 3rd November 2016

I adore your resources. I am a specialist teacher and my students are booming ahead mainly due to your Dandelion readers. So, thank you for ensuring this resource is readily available in Australia. I let all the schools I visit know that they need to purchase sets of these readers for their students. Thank you again and I will continue to spread the word about "Phonics Australia".

Kind regards

Ainsley R

Message Received: 20th October 2016

Our replacement book arrived today.  Thank you very much for being so efficient!  We really appreciated the great service.


Judy M (Qld)

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