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    Dragon Eggs 

    Ten story book each focusing on a different vowel spelling. A great resource for children who are not yet fluent readers and need to revisit those tricky vowel digraphs. A higher ratio of text to develop reading fluency and build confidence.
    An exciting new decodable reading quest series for younger & older  readers.  Dragon Eggs series is a series of 10 decodable books for emerging readers who are not quite fluent and need a little extra reading practice.

    Reintroduces alternative vowel spellings for 10 different vowel sounds.

    Book 1:  ae
    Book 2: ee
    Book 3: oe
    Book 4: er
    Book 5: ow & oi
    Book 6: oo
    Book 7: ie
    Book 8: aw
    Book 9: air
    Book 10: ar

    Limited stock in our first shipment. 

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    Dragon Eggs - Reading Books For Beginner and Older Readers


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