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    For Older Readers:
    12 Reading Books + Workbooks
    Bundle 18

    Product Code: MB1-3

    The Reading Books:
    The Magic Belt Series includes 12 decodable reading books for catch-up readers who would benefit from starting a phonics program from the beginning.   Age-appropriate quest stories with fabulous illustrations take the readers from CVC and CVCC word level text through to consonant digraphs including suffixes -ed and -ing.  A valuable resource for older beginner readers.

    The Introductory Workbook:
    Prepares pupils for reading the Magic Belt Series with a variety of activities that introduce sounds of the alphabet. For pupils who have weak letter/ sound knowledge. (50 Pages)

    The Main Workbook:
    Introduces a variety of reading activities that correspond to the twelve books in the series. (190 pages)



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    Magic Belt Series (Bundle 18)


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