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    Wiz Kids - Stages 1 Beginner Readers

    Product Code: TWK1 

    Once children know the Stage 1 graphemes and phonemes - m s f a p t c i - they can start reading these 5 delightful books about the Wiz Kids. 

    New characters to met in each book:

    1. Tip, Tip, Tip

    2. Tap, Tap, Tap

    3. Fip, Fat, Fit

    4. Is Sam Fit?

    5. If

    There are small number of Heart words included to enable a story to be created. Heart words are words that children need to learn by heart, as it this stage they do not have the skills to decode (sound out) them.  

    Heart words: I my My the The



    No Very

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    Wiz Kids Stage 1 Readers


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