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Phonics Australia

We specialise in supplying high quality decodable phonic based reading and spelling resources, explicit, systematic, sequential and suitable for the Australian educational sector and home based education.  These resources consist of full colour decodable reading books, photocopiable workbooks, teacher, language specialists and parent resources.   We supply to prep, primary and secondary schools, language and literacy specialists, speech pathologists, parents, tutoring services, book suppliers, libraries and other educational institutions and organisations.  Product suitability ranges from beginner readers/prep to older catch-up readers and adults.  


Why use Phonics Australia's Decodable Resources?

Phonics Australia has sourced these excellent resources from Australia and the UK that are designed to provide an explicit and systematic approach to learning reading and spelling.  All of our resources have been thoroughly tested in actual teaching and classroom settings and supported identifiable reading outcomes with real students.  This structured approach is beneficial for both initial reading instruction and for students with reading difficulties.

All the Phonic Books, Little Learners and Smart Kids resources, provide a sequential phonic progression which allows the student to learn to read as they learn the letters of the alphabet. With this Synthetic Phonic approach, the student learns, for example, the sound-spelling correspondences of the letters s, a, t, i, m and then blends these sounds together to form VC (Vowel, Consonant) and CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words.  These reading books and resources support the student by providing only content that is decodable.

We also have a range of decodable chapter books for older catch-up readers who need to secure their phonic foundation.  These full-colour illustrated books are high interest and will easily engage the older reader.  These series commence at CVC/CVCC level and progress through adjacent consonants, consonant digraphs and alternative vowel and consonant spellings.

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