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    Decodable Readers Australia
    BIG BOOKS - Level 5-6

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    Product Code: DRABB5-6 

    20 Big Books – 1 copy of each title

    Size: 350mm x 350mm

    Shared reading with big books allows the teacher to model reading skills and strategies. 

    Our big books are perfect for guided reading and sharing.

    Level Five and Six includes a complimentary teacher guide on Vocabulary Instruction explaining the importance of teaching word knowledge indirectly and directly.

    Vocabulary is a key component of effective reading instruction and ultimately determines how well children can comprehend texts.

    Our latest release: Level 5 & 6 are a combined set of 20 books which introduce morecomplex sounds, new vocabulary and include a reduced number of pictures to build confidence in reading longer texts.

    The pre-reading activities hep to activate prior knowledge and introduce new vocab. 

    The post-reading activities include questions to ensure children have comprehended the text and a revision of new vocab.

    Price: $495



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    Decodable Readers Australia Levels 5-6 Big Books


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