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    Bundle Set 10

    Workbook for code: MD1-3

    Product Code: WMD1-3

    Workbooks 1 & 2:

    These photocopiable Moon Dog workbooks complement the stories in the series 1 and 2 and follow the same phonic progression. They offer activities for word building, reading, spelling and comprehension work based on the characters and events in the stories. Each book contains photocopiable games and reading cards to further support multi-sensory learning. (Workbook 1 has 82 Pages) (Workbook 2 has 76 Pages)

    Workbook 3:

    Workbook 3 is a photocopiable resource which offers word building, reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises based on the stories in the series. Contains games and multi-sensory activities to stimulate and engage older readers. (Workbook 3 has 234 pages)



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    Moon Dog Series 1-3 Workbooks (Bundle 10)


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